The All Powerful

Published Sept 16, 2014


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Modern soldier learns humans have natural skills beyond the physical.


In an alternate reality of Earth, Master Sergeant Jason Wyton is a well-respected soldier of the Alyan Army. Having fought twelve times in Alya’s current war in just 5 years, he is one deployment away from guaranteed retirement. Despite a mysterious theft of secret weaponry, and questions of his sanity, Jason’s last deployment is approved, acting as a veteran for the newbie Zulu Battalion.


His superiors, however, have other plans.


Jason is a valuable asset for the army’s special mercenary division, a division not included in the mandated retirement rule. Jason tried at first, but the operation was too dark and twisted for him to stay. His superiors accuse Jason of stealing Alyan secrets, hoping to recruit him by force. On the run from his own country and fleeing towards the enemy, Jason teams up with two other Zulu dropouts accused as accomplices.


What they find out humans do, astonishes them. What they learn Alya has been doing with these same powers, horrifies them.

TAP Preview: Prologue

PrologueThe Plan      One part of the position makes Krash uneasy.     The man he plans to visit, the one they call Shadow Leader, has no office like Commander Fredrick Krash. No regular place to eat. No home. Krash’s only way to contact him is through military channels, and Shadow Leader’s meeting places tend …

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TAP Preview: Chapter 1 Excerpt

Chapter 1AlyaValanor: the centermost continent on Earth. Abundant in human advancement. Devoid of peace.      His eyes open to the burning of sweat.     Jason’s lungs heave, exerting the panic straining his body. His head aches from resting on the shower wall.     So strange… When did I get in the shower?     Whenever …

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TAP Preview: Chapter 15 Excerpt

Chapter 15 Waking to a Nightmare There is no such thing as an end to suffering. Someone, no matter the condition of life’s existence, always suffers.        “Wake up already!” A high-pitched voice screams.      The sirens in the facility screech with no hope of an end. Vend tries to move. Though …

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