This section is for reviews of any promotionals or services I’ve used over time. I want future authors who’ve read this blog to know my experiences of the success or failures of these programs. *Note that these are based on my experiences only.*


Currently using:

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Previous Experience (In Alphabetical Order):

Amazon’s Kindle Countdown Deals

Paid? No!

Sales spike? Yes

Sales? On average, above regular Amazon sales

This program is an excellent tool for anyone using it. It gives you a nice clock next to your sales and entices readers to buy before the clock expires. Good marketing strategy and if used correctly, can do very well for the author.

There is an option to do various Countdown Deals together and apart. Suggest doing all countdown deals at the same time for first-time authors. Pay attention to what your book is priced in other countries before doing a Countdown Deal. If your price is too low, you may only get 1 increment option or none at all.


Masquerade Crew’s Cover Art Wars

Paid? 7 dollars.

Sales spike? No

Sales? Maybe a few

Review: for promotion on a dime, this site is descent. Your cover art is compared to many others in a contest. It only takes a few sales for this promo to pay for itself. Great for well-priced novels and novellas.

In the October 2014 edition, the competition was never completed and no winner announced. Do not recommend if this trend continues. Still, it is possible to make your money back and pick up a couple readers at the same time.