Links and References

Cover artist: Heather Chase


Heather Chase is a graphics design artist that mostly works on logos and paintings. When I gave her a mission to design her first cover art, she accepted without any qualms. Mrs. Chase is a diligent worker that will give her all to ensure your cover is the way you want it. Her prices are also extremely generous as long as you stay within the guidelines.

*Disclaimer: at the present time, Heather Chase is no longer looking for additional work.*

Visit Heather Chase’s Facebook page here.


Professional Editing: Chris Eboch


Chris Eboch is a long-time children’s book writer. Recently, she has spent more time opening an editing service for authors to use. Her rates are 2 dollars per double-spaced page, a descent price for anyone in need of quality editing but cannot afford a complete service. Expect to do a lot of work on your end, especially if you’re a rising star. Chris will only correct the same mistake so many times before moving on, leaving you to find that error on your own. Regardless of how much work you have to do, Chris will make sure you have all the tools to get it done right, plus do a full read-through to ensure your story structure is clean and ready for publishing. You’ll be a better writer in the end after using Chris’ services.

Visit Chris Eboch’s editorial service/website here.