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Jul 30

TAP sample online!

My first preview of The All Powerful can now be found on this website. Prologue Chapter 1 Part 1 These excerpts are the un-finalized revision of the book’s prologue and the first half of Chapter One. I say “un-finalized” because I have one last runthrough to make before the story is released to Amazon. Regardless, the reading here is canon …

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Jul 22

The Perfect Prologue: Conflict and Setup

Earlier in the day I was given the opportunity to join a writing club. With many on vacation, this  invited new people to test the club out and help raise attendance. Several drafts of various stages were passed out to look over, and a trend began to appear:   At least half of the people in …

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Jul 17

Site is Released!

Welcome!   There are still a couple tweaks to make, namely pictures and menus, but otherwise this project turned out very well. Additional work will be ongoing as time passes, but with TAP’s release as close as it is, I am obligated to get this website out first. Also looks great on a tablet and, to …

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Jun 02

Forgetting a Creation

So I’ve been pondering something for the past few days based on a comment through twitter. The topic was forgetting books you once wrote nearly two decades ago. My argument was this: “If close enough to your heart’s core, you’ll never forget it.” This doesn’t have to apply to writing persay, but any craft where …

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