About Me

I started writing when I was just a few years old, especially on vacations to see my grandparents. My first book is based on a story I created over 13 years ago when all my desire to write had been lost. That idea remained in my mind and was constantly being refined over the years. A friend suggested I try writing it out just so she could read and understand it. With no motivation other than to appease her, I jotted down a chapter, then another, and another until I could no longer stop.

I spent the next three years refining my craft in college, getting help from friends who’ve written, and following the advice of professional writer Joe Konrath. The book T.A.P. has gone through too many revisions to count and will be published shortly.

Born in Arkansas, Raised in Arizona. No matter where I live from here, the desert will always be in my blood.

Reading is not my great passion, though I will not turn down a good book if I find one. Much prefer playing video games.

I am a God-fearing man that loves to learn and explore. I strive to search for unique ideas while staying rooted to what I believe.