Sep 02

TAP is Coming! (Link to an excerpt in this post)

With my book submitted to the formatting company, the estimated publishing date of The All Powerful is Sept 17th.

To celebrate, my third snippet of the book has been released!

Chapter 15 Excerpt

The character displayed here, Vend, is not one of my primary main characters (My beta readers affectionately call them the Big Three) But she is a major protagonist and her introduction stands on its own, meaning there are no spoilers.

The primary goal of releasing this excerpt is to give a taste of the book’s action. Don’t be fooled: the fantasy element in this excerpt is unique to the rest of the book. The remaining part of chapter 15 uses the main fantasy concept, but it also contains spoilers, so it will not be available here.

Like before, you cannot comment on pages, so leave your comments about this excerpt below.