Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sep 23

Never be Discouraged

So I’ve been published for nearly a week, and came across the same thought from two people, one from my dad and another from an author on the Amazon forums.   “Why isn’t this book selling more than it is?”   This question is apparently asked a lot by debut authors and those behind their books. …

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Sep 17

The All Powerful, $3.99 At Amazon

After a long combination of patience and diligence, The All Powerful is now on sale at for $3.99!   TAP: The All Powerful (Book 1 in the TAP Series)     Jason Wyton is a young, high-class soldier, fighting for Alya in the Great War of Valanor. With enough combat experience to retire after …

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Sep 02

TAP is Coming! (Link to an excerpt in this post)

With my book submitted to the formatting company, the estimated publishing date of The All Powerful is Sept 17th. To celebrate, my third snippet of the book has been released! Chapter 15 Excerpt The character displayed here, Vend, is not one of my primary main characters (My beta readers affectionately call them the Big Three) But …

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