Jun 02

Forgetting a Creation

So I’ve been pondering something for the past few days based on a comment through twitter. The topic was forgetting books you once wrote nearly two decades ago. My argument was this:

“If close enough to your heart’s core, you’ll never forget it.”

This doesn’t have to apply to writing persay, but any craft where you create something. If something you create is incredibly special to you, do you think you’d ever forget it? 10yrs? 20yrs? 50yrs? Ever at all? Would you ever forget the sweat and tears behind your work, the thought behind every nuance? If not, What if a fan reminded you that you created it?

True, if someone mass-produces items, odds are some details will be lost. Also true that not all creators have the gift of remembering what they built. Does that always apply? If Michelangelo or Da Vinci were dragged towards one of their pieces, would they say “Eh, no clue what I was doing here”? Would Edison not remember the final schematic that made the Lightbulb work? There are scholars all the time trying to understand and decipher the works of these men. They insist so many opinions that often conflict, especially on the creative side.

It would seem ingenuity is not easily as forgettable. No way Van Gogh could ever forget what made Starry Night so amazing. No way Steve Jobs would forget features of his computers and the iPod/iPhone/iPad.

Perhaps remembering a creation speaks to the greatness of the creator. Even if the creation is a dud, the creator’s ability to know what went into their work shows their innate and brimming talent. My argument is that talent is within each of us if we choose to bring it out.

What’s your take? Is there truth to remembering?